You truly are one of the most generous and inspiring people I know. Your love and passion for helping people have a ripple effect far beyond anything you can imagine. You are a true testimony to always being a student, mentor, and trusted expert.

Resad Meherremov - Picture

Resad Meherremov

Human Resources Practises Manager at Nar

His coaching and advises have transformed my life and helped me to achieve great career advancement. Thanks Ruslan! You are a practical, wise and remarkable person.

Musfiq Aliyev - Picture

Musfiq Aliyev

Head of Business Solutions at Azercell

My regular consultations with Ruslan in terms of professional and personal growth have had a great impact in my life. Thanks Ruslan!

Tural Abbasov - Picture

Tural Abbasov

Business Manager at European Azerbaijan School

Ruslan you've helped me change the way I look at my career and my life. I am eternally grateful that you have shared so much with the people. It is truly priceless.

Jeyhun Naghiyev - Picture

Jeyhun Naghiyev

Talent Management Expert at Nar